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How We Can Help

The Value of Outdoor Dining

As any restaurant or event space operator can tell you, flexibility is key to keeping clientele happy, relaxed, and ready to come back again and again. You need to maximize the usability of outdoor space to accommodate guest preferences as well as guest volume. You invest to make the space special and comfortable. Fenetex can help with that. Fenetex screens empower operators to enclose and control outdoor spaces, maximizing return on investment. The more useable and or seatable space you have, the more guests you can accommodate, improving your bottom line. 

Why Choose Fenetex?

The Fenetex Difference

Fenetex makes the most reliable and beautiful motorized screens. We have an extensive network of knowledgeable and professional dealers and installers. From estimate to installation and any service in between, Fenetex will be there to keep your outdoor space up and running to support your operations and impress your guests.


Exclusive self-tensioning system eliminates 99.9% of screen issues. No track adjustments, broken zippers, or dislodged screens.

Whisper Quiet

Springs ensure even tension for peaceful patio relaxation without unwanted screen noise.

Hurricane Strong

Our MagForce tracks and advanced hybrid ballistic fabrics withstand 150+ mph winds. Approved by Florida Building Commission for hurricane zones. Lab and real-world tested.

Built to Last

We use marine-grade materials such as powder-coated aluminum, UV-protected nylons, stainless steel fasteners, and premium fabrics. Resists corrosion, rust, and screen failure. 


Exterior shade screens reduce cooling bills and Fenetex hurricane screens reduce insurance premiums in hurricane zones. 

Smart Controls

Control Fenetex screens via remote and phone or integrate with popular home automation systems for advanced capabilities. 

Custom-made Screens

Tailor-made screens with vast color, fabric, and system options. Custom paint color and fabric matching are available. 

Lifetime Warranty

No other company can stand behind their products like Fenetex can because no other company can match our quality. 

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