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The Fenetex Story

Get To Know Us

The very first Fenetex products were introduced into the market in 1997. Ever since then, we've been working every day to deliver the highest quality and most dependable motorized screens in the world. In fact, our screens are currently installed all over North America, the Caribbean, and even Japan.  

We make it happen

The Fenetex Team

We are a dedicated team of professionals and we are here to help. We take pride in making the best motorized screens in the world, and we have fun doing it too. 


Michael Murray

Michael is co-founder of Fenetex and is the big idea guy. He's the one who comes up with all those great product ideas and designs.


Meridith Anzulis

Meridith is co-founder of Fenetex and responsible for corporate operations.

Plant Manager

Jorge Jerez

Jorge leads the Fenetex plant in Jacksonville, overseeing operations, staffing, production, and inventory management.

Dealer Education & Training

John Torrence

John, a long time member of the Fenetex family, is responsible for dealer training and a variety of other projects aimed at expanding Fenetex's capabilities. 


Craig Scott

Craig is a long time member of the Fenetex family. He works with dealers to set them up for success selling Fenetex screens.


Michael Dees

Michael works to expand the Fenetex dealer network while aiming to provide exemplary customer service, business knowledge, and to serve our dealers as a sounding board for anything that comes their way.


Chris Riedy

Chris works to find and sign up new dealers for Fenetex and then to provide them with ongoing support and knowledge to be successful representing Fenetex screens to their clientele. When not helping his dealers, Chris can be found enjoying Florida's great outdoors.

Doer of All Things

Diane Brace

Diane is a bit of a Swiss army knife at Fenetex. She has worked in multiple roles and helps out wherever she can, primarily in purchasing, production support, sales, and special projects (like the Dealer Portal). 

Sales Support

Jessica Soto Escribano

Jessica works with all Fenetex dealers to make sure they get answers to all their questions. She helps get them set up when they first join our dealer family and then continues supporting them to be sure their orders are complete and correct.

Product Support

Chris Lucontro

Chris, with the help of his magnificent wizard beard, answers all your product support questions and helps troubleshoot any issues. He tracks warranty claims and helps with dealer training and education. 


Cathleen Rios

Cathleen works with our suppliers to make sure we have the materials we need to build your orders quickly and correctly. She also works tirelessly to buy wisely to ensure we can pass on the very best prices. 

Office Manager

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer oversees our office operations and is the glue holding us together.  Additionally, she assists in supporting and onboarding new dealers.

Production Manager

Karla Garcia

Karla is our resident rockstar who uses her tenacity and attention to detail to lead our production team, ensuring that orders are produced correctly and on time, every time. She consistently contributes to a positive and energetic work environment.

Darren Joyner

Warehouse Supervisor

Darren applies his long experience with Fenetex to assure that the warehouse runs smoothly and all materials are received with care.

The People who make it happen

Production Team

The awesome, amazing, and agile Fenetex Production team shows up and works hard every day to build perfect screens and ship them out to their forever homes. 

Delivery Driver

Dominic (Dom) Williams

Dom is the dedicated delivery driver for Fenetex, responsible for ensuring orders reach our dealers safely and on time. Whether it’s rain or shine, urban jungles or rural landscapes, Dom is committed to providing top-notch service to make sure deliveries arrive with a smile. 

Director of Morale


Eloise welcomes all guests and takes her job of maintaining morale very seriously.  

And here's the proof

What We Build

At the end of each day, we take pride in knowing that we've built exceptional Fenetex Motorized Screens that are bound to improve the outdoor spaces of homes, restaurants, hotels, and numerous other locations. We hope you enjoy them!

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