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The world’s first quiet self-adjusting screen system.

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The Highest Standard

One Track Screen Systems

Fenetex introduced the patented quiet spring technology, the core of our One-Track system, nearly a decade ago

We’ve crafted the perfect self-adjusting screen system that operates beautifully silently when deployed, ensures frustration-free operation, and can be used in almost any weather condition.

While others have experimented with alternative methods to achieve the advantages of our One-Track screens, none have achieved the unique combination of near-silence, ease of operation, affordability, high reliability, and exceptional dependability.

Arrows Left Right Sharp Regular Yellow

Adjustable Range:

Self-Adjusting 0.80”

Magnet Sharp Light Yellow


Neodymium Magnets

Wind Sharp Regular Yellow

Wind Rating:

185mph Zone HVHZ

Hurricane Sharp Light Yellow

Primary use:

Hurricane/ Commercial

Designed to the Nines

One-Track Features

No Blow-Outs

Fenetex retractable screens are designed to never come out of their tracks. The screen pre-feeder facilitates a smooth transition from the reel to the side track. Smart motors instantly halt the downward motion of the screen, preventing it from dislodging from the tracks.

Reinforced Corners

Recognizing that screen wear is most prominent at the corner where the weight bar and screen meet, Fenetex engineers designed a robust and flexible guide made of toughened nylon. This innovative design reinforces the corner connection, extending the screen's lifespan.

Standard Weight Bar

Fenetex offers a well-engineered, low-profile standard weight bar suitable for installations in low-wind areas. When rolled up, it minimizes visibility in storage. For locations with higher wind exposure, a heavier weight bar can be specified as needed.

Magforce Keder Retainer

Keder Retainer

Fenetex, as the first to employ keder-edged screens, opted against zippers, known for potential issues.  Keder's smooth, durable design avoids past failures. 

Quiet Spring Technology

One-Track employs a unique spring-based tensioning system that ensures nearly silent operation of the screens. This technology prioritizes a quiet and comfortable outdoor experience. Think of it like shock absorbers in a car - it’s the springs that give you a quiet comfortable ride.

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