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Commitment to Quality

The Best Motorized Screens in the World

Our goal is not to just say we make the best motorized screens in the world. Our goal is to prove it every time a dealer installs or a customer uses one of our screens. To that end, the history of Fenetex is a story of innovation and firsts, because quite simply we wanted to be the best at what we do.

The most important skill we have is that we listen to the feedback from our dealers and customers. It gives us perspective and purpose. Most importantly, we have the creativity and experience to know what to do with this information.

Quality and durability: When we design a screen system or a component, we do everything in 3D CAD. This allows us to test, optimize, and create complex working assemblies before we ever make an actual part. We also keep our 3D printer pretty busy with prototypes.

Client satisfaction: We believe in excellent communication, delivering high quality work, exceeding expectations, and building relationships.

Founded with Purpose

Meet the founders and understand the intent and purpose behind Fenetex.

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