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Building Standards and Codes that Fenetex Tests For

For homeowners and business owners alike, protecting a residential or commercial property is of the utmost importance. The peace of mind knowing your home, possessions, and family are safe and secure is what drives our company.

At Fenetex, we deliver the most durable power screens and hurricane window protection options on the market. Durability and longevity are key. 

We test the full potential of every structure by protecting it from nature related issues including: 

  • Powerful storms 
  • Harmful UV rays 
  • Cold temperatures 
  • Wind 
  • Annoying insects 

The importance of quality and safety is crucial. Our power screen products are the most rigorous on the market today. We provide retractable screen options with support for any design. Only Fenetex screens meet the Miami-Dade, Florida Building Code, and ICC 500 requirements. 

Standards and codes we test our products for: 

  • TAS 201 large missile impact 
  • TAS 202 uniform static air pressure 
  • TAS 203 cyclic wind pressure loading 

These test standards are required for a Miami-Dade product approval. Our products come with a notice of acceptance for use in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. 

International building code ASTM standards: 

  • ASTM E1886-05 cyclic pressure differential 
  • ASTM E1996-05 impact by windborne debris 
  • ASTM E330-02 uniform static air pressure 

These standards test the method of performance of windows, curtain walls, doors, and storm shutters impacted by missiles, cyclic pressure differentials, and hurricane debris. 

Our products are rigorously tested using the highest possible standards for hurricane protection.

The window hurricane protection screens that we provide withstand wind speeds up to 200MPH. Our insect and shade screen options alone can withstand up to 75MPH. This exceeds all local and international building codes. 

Every product Fenetex provides is meticulously tested. We use our own in-house process as well as a nationally recognized third-party quality assurance program. Our power screen products are guaranteed to outperform any competition. 

We simplify the process of protecting homeowners and business owners. Let us provide you with the best power screen option for any contingency. To get a free quote today, contact us at (904) 437-5168. 

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