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Operate Fenetex Motorized Screens using phone apps, home automation systems, by voice with Alexa or Google, or by using a standard Fenetex Remote


Remote Control with App

Using Fenetex’s Bond Pro App, you can control your retractable screens, pergola roofs, lights, fans and more without having to use a proprietary remote control for each device. Think of it as a universal remote for your house that you can operate from your phone – anywhere in the world. The App is compatible with most brand name devices using RF controls and home automation systems.


Home Automation Compatibility

We’ve never met a home automation system that our screens didn’t get along with. Today, smart homes are pretty common, but this wasn’t always the case. Years ago, this was a novelty feature of ultra high-end homes, and very often these homes used Fenetex screens. We’ve successfully integrated our screens with all the major home automation brands. At first, we were pioneers, then we became experts.


Fenetex Remote

Our beautiful handheld remote works with our Fenetex Smart Motors and can control up to 15 screens independently or an unlimited number of screens within 15 zones, as long as they are within range of the remote


Motor Options

We stock three brands of motors—Somfy, Gaposa, and our own Fenetex smart motor—that are used depending on customers’ needs and the application. All motors are specified when ordering screens through our online ordering portal.

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