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Fenetex offers revolutionary motorized screens using our MagForce Track (patent pending) and patented Quiet Spring Technology at the core of our One-Track system.

Our self-tensioning screens are quiet, easy to operate, and usable in any weather. No other screen system offers the same combination of benefits, including reliability, high performance, and long-term value. We even expanded the offerings with MagForce to include insect and shade screens using interchangeable parts.

Why Choose Fenetex?

The Fenetex Difference

Fenetex makes the most reliable and beautiful motorized screens. We have an extensive network of knowledgeable and professional dealers and installers. From estimate to installation and any service in between, Fenetex will be there to keep your outdoor space up and running to support your operations and impress your guests.


Exclusive self-tensioning system eliminates 99.9% of screen issues. No track adjustments, broken zippers, or dislodged screens.

Whisper Quiet

Springs ensure even tension for peaceful patio relaxation without unwanted screen noise.

Hurricane Strong

Our MagForce tracks and advanced hybrid ballistic fabrics withstand 150+ mph winds. Approved by Florida Building Commission for hurricane zones. Lab and real-world tested.

Built to Last

We use marine-grade materials such as powder-coated aluminum, UV-protected nylons, stainless steel fasteners, and premium fabrics. Resists corrosion, rust, and screen failure. 


Exterior shade screens reduce cooling bills and Fenetex hurricane screens reduce insurance premiums in hurricane zones. 

Smart Controls

Control Fenetex screens via remote and phone or integrate with popular home automation systems for advanced capabilities. 

Custom-made Screens

Tailor-made screens with vast color, fabric, and system options. Custom paint color and fabric matching are available. 

Lifetime Warranty

No other company can stand behind their products like Fenetex can because no other company can match our quality. 

The competition lacks

Our Features are the Best

Fenetex’s patented Quiet Spring Technology is at the core of our One- Track System that revolutionized the retractable screen industry almost a decade ago. While others have tried using other methods to obtain the benefits of our screens, none have the combination of quiet, ease of operation, lower cost, reliability, and high level of performance.

We also recently introduced MagForce (patent pending), a selfadjusting modular hurricane and insect screen track system that uses powerful magnets to apply screen tension. This is a track system so far ahead of the competition it’s destined to lead the industry for years to come.

  Fenetex One-Track

Fenetex MagForce (patent pending)

Other Magnet Screens Other Motorized Fixed Screens
Patented or Patent Pending Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon
Self-Adjusting Track Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon
Self-Adjusting Tech Quiet Springs Sealed Magnets Magnets None None
Cost of Tech Low Medium High N/A Low
Lifetime Warranty Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon No Icon
Durability of Core Tech High High Low N/A N/A
Operational Noise Level Very Low Medium Very-High Varies Very Low
Sealed Magnet Chamber N/A Yes Icon No Icon N/A N/A
Locking Inner Track Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon Varies Yes Icon
Modular Design Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon N/A N/A
No Fail-Prone Zipper Yes Icon Yes Icon Some No Icon N/A
Energy Savings Maximum up to 99% heat/light blocked Maximum up to 99% heat/light blocked Medium Medium Low
Motorized Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon
Wind Sensing Obstacle Detection Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon No Icon
Maintenance 99.9%
Require Service Require Service
No Blowouts Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon N/A
Wind Zone Rating 100 MPH 185 MPH 75 MPH Varies No Icon
Hurricane Rated Available N/A

Yes Icon

with HVHZ

Only with Reinforcing Yes Icon No Icon
Customizable Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon

Yes Icon


Locking Weight Bar Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon N/A
Contour Cut for Sloped Floors Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon Yes Icon
Reinforced Screen Corners Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon No Icon
No Clips Required for Hurricane Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon N/A
Wrinkle-free Technology Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon No Icon N/A
Works with Home Automation Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon N/A

Ongoing Excellence

A History of Innovation

Our goal is not to just say we make the best motorized screens in the world. Our goal is to prove it every time a dealer installs or a customer uses one of our screens. To that end, the history of Fenetex is a story of innovation and firsts because quite simply we wanted to be the best at what we do.

Innovation can be called creativity with a purpose. The most important skill we have is that we listen to the feedback from our dealers and customers. It gives us perspective and purpose. And, we have the creativity and experience to know what to do with this information.

Capture CAD Design

When we design a screen system or a component, we do everything in 3D CAD. This allows us to test, optimize, and create complex working assemblies before we ever make an actual part. While this is a technically intense process, it is superior because we can produce one version of aproduct that works, rather than constantly creating revision generations trying to solve unanticipated issues.

Capture FEA Test

Our design default is to always land on the side of quality and durability. This is often hard to see from the outside, because you may never notice things like thicker extrusion walls, stainless steel internal components, or engineering grade plastics.

Capture CAD Assembly

This is intentional; we don’t want you to have to think about these things because if you are, that probably means something wasn’t done right. This does make our screens cost a bit more than some others, but it’s a necessary concession when your goal is to design a screen system that is the best in the world.


Fenetex revolutionized hurricane protection with the introduction
of the first fabric-based shutter that could be stored
above openings. This product paved the way for modern retractable hurricane screens.


Fenetex opens its first manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, FL.


Fenetex pioneers the use of keder and welded seam construction instead of zippers and sewing.


Fenetex develops the world’s first modular and interchangeable side tracks for hurricane and insect screens, creating the world’s first dual screen system.


Fenetex moves into its second manufacturing facility 4X the size of the first. Innovated use of RF welding and dual flap keder for greater strength. 


Fenetex develops and patents the Quiet Spring Technology used in the first variably adjustable screen track. The ability to adjust screen tension changed the course of how the industry would move forward.


Fenetex moves into its third manufacturing facility, 2x the size of its previous plant.


Fenetex introduces the One-Track using Quiet Spring Technology, the world’s first quiet self-adjusting screen system.


Fenetex builds an additional building to again double the production space.


Fenetex introduces MagForce, a revolutionary modular hurricane and insect screen track system with powerful sealed magnets for screen tension. Setting a new industry standard, MagForce leads the way in track system innovation.

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