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Be Beautifully Prepared

MagForce Hurricane Screens

Hurricane Screens are the culmination of years of research and development to bring you a beautiful, self-adjusting, hurricane-rated screen with the maximum protection for your patio. And we never compromise on long-term durability.

The Fenetex Difference

Hurricane Screen Advantages

Certified Strength

Our hurricane screens go through all testing and certification to qualify as hurricane shutters for the most demanding agencies and locales, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. These screens last longer, withstand more, and serve more functions than any other company’s. 

UV Resistant

The fabric used in our hurricane screens blocks up to 91% of the sun’s rays and offers protection from wind, rain, insects, dust, and debris. By blocking the harsh sun, these screens can also reduce heat transfer and lower your energy costs.

Protective Perimeter

When you have Fenetex hurricane screens installed on your patio, getting ready for a storm event is as easy as pushing a button or pulling up an app to close your screens. All the furniture and openings within the patio area will be protected.

The Perfect Fit

 Like all Fenetex products, our hurricane screens are built to order and made to fit your openings exactly. There’s no need to worry if our screens will fit your specific opening because all of our screens are custom made.

Dual Protection

Pair our retractable hurricane screens with other Fenetex screens for customized and independent solutions. Each screen operates independently giving you the protection you want when you need it.   

Total Control

Our insect protection solution, ideal for doors and bug screens, is motorized for easy deployment at the touch of a button. For ultimate peace of mind, pair with smart home automation systems for remote operation and monitoring, even deploying automatically in emergencies.

Using Fenetex’s Bond Pro App, you can control your retractable screens, pergola roofs, lights, fans, and more without having to use a proprietary remote control for each device.

We’ve successfully integrated our insect screens with all the major home automation brands. At first, we were pioneers, then we became experts.

Our beautiful handheld remote works with our Fenetex Smart Motors and can control up to 15 insect screens independently or an unlimited number of screens within 15 zones.

We stock three brands of motors that are used depending on the customer's needs and the application. All motors are specified when ordering screens though our online ordering portal.

The Highest Standard

MagForce Track Screen System

MagForce (Patent Pending) disrupts the market for magnetic self-adjusting screens with its revolutionary longevity and strength. For over a decade, Fenetex has manufactured hurricane screens to meet the most demanding building code.

We’ve always used a fixed track for high wind applications, but we saw a need to create a self-adjusting track built for extreme wind loads. What we wanted was to have a hurricane screen that would be as wrinkle-free as possible because people use our screens for much more than just hurricanes.

Our engineers determined that magnets would be the best technology for this purpose, but Fenetex realized that improvements needed to be made to overcome the failures of other magnetic screens in the market.

Material Options

We use Twitchell OmegaTex fabric for our hurricane screens. Available in four colors, this UV resistant fabric screen is engineered with scientifically enhanced yarns, the very same aramid fibers used to make bulletproof vests. Our hurricane screens allow you to see out while blocking 91% of the sun’s rays and protecting you from 150 MPH winds.

Hurricane Material Swatches


Technical Library

All of our products are inspected according to both our own meticulous in-house processes as well as a nationally recognized third-party quality assurance program, ensuring that everything that leaves our warehouse out-performs the competition.

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