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A revolutionary screen track system with powerful magnets.

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The Highest Standard

MagForce Screen Track System

MagForce (Patent Pending) disrupts the market for magnetic self-adjusting screens with its revolutionary longevity and strength. For over a decade, Fenetex has manufactured hurricane screens to meet the most demanding building code.

We’ve always used a fixed track for high wind applications, but we saw a need to create a self-adjusting track built for extreme wind loads. What we wanted was to have a hurricane screen that would be as wrinkle-free as possible because people use our screens for much more than just hurricanes.

Our engineers determined that magnets would be the best technology for this purpose, but Fenetex realized that improvements needed to be made to overcome the failures of other magnetic screens in the market.

Arrows Left Right Sharp Regular Yellow

Adjustable Range:

Self-Adjusting 0.80”

Magnet Sharp Light Yellow


Neodymium Magnets

Wind Sharp Regular Yellow

Wind Rating:

185mph Zone HVHZ

Hurricane Sharp Light Yellow

Primary use:

Hurricane/ Commercial

Innovation in Motion

Fenetex's Solutions for Magnet Screens

Secure Inner Track

We needed to devise a method to ensure that the inner track would remain firmly attached to the outer track, even under extreme loads.

Corrosion Protection

Developing a solution to protect the magnets from corrosion was crucial to enhance the durability and longevity of the screens.

Heavy-Duty Design

To enable the screens to function effectively in higher winds, we created a significantly heavy-weight bar to provide the necessary stability and strength.

Designed to the Nines

MagForce Features

Magforce Track Interlock

Track Interlock

MagForce's inner and outer tracks securely lock together under pressure. MagForce is incredibly strong and self-adjusting so your screens will be as wrinkle free as possible. 

Magforce Sealed Magnet Chamber

Sealed Magnet Chambers

Neodymium magnets, exceptionally strong yet prone to corrosion.  We solved this problem by hermetically sealing the magnets within an aluminum channel, protecting them from rust-inducing factors like salt air, humidity, and pool chlorine. 

Magforce Heavy Weight Bar

Heavy Weight Bar

Not only is this weight bar robustly engineered, it is also the strongest and heaviest weight bar available in the industry.  It has two cavities for steel weights and is meant to be used with screens that will be installed in windy areas. 

Magforce Keder Retainer

Keder Retainer

Fenetex, as the first to employ keder-edged screens, opted against zippers, known for potential issues.  Keder's smooth, durable design avoids past failures. 

Magforce No Blow Outs

No Blow-Outs

The only retractable screen that doesn't come out of its tracks.  Our screen pre-feeder gives the descending screen a smooth transition from the reel to the side track.  Our smart motors instantly stop the downward motion before it can come out of the tracks. 

Magforce Reinforced Corners

Reinforced Corners

Our engineers designed a very strong yet flexible guide made of toughened nylon that ties these elements together and substantially reinforces the corner connection. 

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